Benefits of using carpet tiles in homes and offices

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are ideal to be used in offices and other business venues. This is because unlike conventional carpets, when they are damaged, the whole carpeted area does not need to be replaced. The existing tiles can be replaced and matched up to the carpet tiles we already have in stock. This means that only the damaged tiles have to be replaced. This makes carpet tiles a very economical and cost effective flooring option.

Carpets vs Carpet tiles

Carpets installation is generally preferred in most of the office spaces but recently, there has been an increase in the use of carpet tiles at homes and industrial spaces. Carpet tiles are easier to install than sheet carpets or other carpet types. There are also carpet tiles that come with self-adhesive and installation instructions for those who wish to install these themselves. Installing these carpet tiles are easy because it is similar to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle, only easier since the tiles are all shaped evenly and the only cutting you will need to do is when you need to fit these tiles between the wall and the ones on the edge on the floor.

Carpet tiles uses and benefits

Easy maintenance

When carpets get stained or needs to be thoroughly cleaned for some reason, they need to be removed as a whole. This is not the same in case of carpet tiles as you can simply remove the square that the stain is on and clean this out, let it dry and then re-install it once it’s clean and dry. If a particular area of your flooring needs to be repaired or replaced, unlike carpets, you need not remove the whole thing. Instead, all you need to do is to remove the part where the hole, the worn out part or the tear is and replace that spot with a spare carpet tile.

Freedom to choose your own design

Unlike carpets, you get a lot of design capabilities in case of a carpet tile installation. Carpet tiles are so versatile that you can actually mix and match them to create unique carpets for your floors. You can create a chessboard effect on your floor, a checkerboard type floor or a multi-colored floor with the numerous colors that these carpet tiles come in.

Wide array of choices

And lastly, carpet tiles come in a wider range of designs, colors and thicknesses. Carpet tile companies offer a lot of choices in terms of products. There are square carpet tiles, residential carpet tiles for homes, industrial carpet tiles as well as modular carpet tiles, etc. Modern carpet tiles also come in various colors such as blue carpet tiles, grey carpet tiles, and much more. They can also fit any room shape since they are easy to cut and install. Choices for adhering them to the floor also come in self-adhesive types or dry backed types. With dry backed carpet tiles, you can choose to use more secure adhesives or you can opt for double sided tapes if you want to be able to move these carpet tiles easily. With the advancement and innovation in technology, carpet tile companies have been able to produce cheap carpet tiles while maintaining the quality of the product. Not only that, nowadays, you can even buy carpet tiles online from various carpet stores.

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